As with other objects made with the Ramage motif, leaves and flowers intertwine to create unique, complex backgrounds. This represents a huge challenge for goldsmiths who must pit themselves against the metal, imbuing it with all the strength and beauty possible.




Mario Buccellati, too, takes details from leaves and flowers, weaving them together to create poignant, evocative textures. The extreme light of the central 2.30-carat, old-cut diamond almost seems to lead the dense weave into a swirling dance. It is decorated further with eight, 0.90-carat old-cut diamonds and 32, 1.10-carat, rose-cut diamonds, all of which are mounted on modellato engraved bezels.
The silver frame with its white gold lining is highly complex in design, which is a testament to Mario’s desire to reproduce the strong emotions which Nature alone can convey to us.



Designed by Mario Buccellati

Handcrafted in the 1950s