Buccellati has an ongoing commitment to providing its customers with an outstanding after-sales service.

We recommend getting your jewellery checked at least once a year. Our expert Buccellati boutique staff will deal with each of your requests with the utmost care and attention. They can give you the best advice on work that may be needed, meaning that the beauty of our creations will be preserved over time.

The Maison provides the following after-sales services:

  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Engraving
  • Size adjustment
  • Watch battery replacement

For further information, please go directly to one of our boutiques or authorized dealers.


Cleaning and polishing

Jewellery loses some of its shine when worn often, or after a long time. That is why Buccellati offers a precision cleaning service, using specialist pastes and cloths to bring the shine back to its creations, making them as good as new.

However, it is advisable to get an object polished if it has deep marks.



You can personalize a Buccellati creation, leaving a memory imprinted upon your precious object.

Our artisan workshops are at your disposal to engrave names, dates or personal messages onto your objects, depending on the space available.

The staff at our boutiques will be able to tell you how much your desired engraving will cost.


Size adjustment

The Buccellati size adjustment service will ensure that our creations are always a pleasure to wear with an ultra-comfortable fit.

The staff at our boutiques are on-hand to find the best wearing solution for you, taking into account the technical characteristics of your jewellery.

Watch battery replacement

Our precious timepieces are subject to the same maintenance rules as our jewellery.

For watch battery replacements, we advise you to speak to the experts at our boutiques who can perform this task with due care.

For further information, feel free to contact us.