Fashion trends of the 1950s favored objects interpreted in a wide variety of shapes and designs. At this time, handbags were mainly used at grand soirees. Mario Buccellati understood their importance so much so that he immediately made handbags as precious and sought-after as jewels themselves.



Mario Buccellati was not immediately enthusiastic about the shift towards hard make-up bags. Nonetheless, he adapted to the new trend coming from the United States by imposing his own distinctive mark, engraving, on these hard, square items. As a result, make-up bags were transformed into soft silk fabrics with damask patterns, making them precious must-have accessories for the most exclusive evening events.
This rectangular make-up bag is made of telato engraved silver featuring small rosettes. The yellow gold clasp is engraved and shaped with a lace-like pattern, and further embellished with six rose-cut diamonds (2.00 ct.) and four emeralds (3.50 ct.).


Designed by Mario Buccellati

Handcrafted in 1950s