Butterflies, with their multicoloured wings, have always been a source of inspiration for the Buccellati brand. Made using age-old Renaissance goldsmithing techniques such as intricate engravings and meticulous encasing, the use of baroque pearl to reproduce this butterfly’s body is astonishing.


Gianmaria Buccellati’s extraordinary intuition when it came to transforming an unusually shaped pearl into the graceful body of a butterfly shows the artistic excellence that sets Buccellati creations apart. Decorated with four 4.58 carat cabochon emeralds, the wings are outlined with a pattern that imbues sinuosity and elegance, which is further accentuated by 271, 3.60 carat, rose-cut diamonds. In contrast, the eyes feature two 0.30 carat rubies.



Designed by Gianmaria Buccellati

Handcrafted in 1993