Baroque pearls, with their great versatility and ability to inspire three generations of designers, have always appeared in Buccellati creations. Gianmaria Buccellati, inspired by the intentionally imperfect shapes of the pearls, designed a series of collectible brooches. Gianmaria set out to incorporate this imperfection in a variety of different ways, from the sturdiness of the camel’s body to the ethereal wings on this dragonfly brooch.



Four, 25.78-carat pearls mounted upon a yellow gold frame bring additional lightness and delicacy to the silver central body, which is embellished with 14, 1.39-carat, rose-cut diamonds.
This brooch forms part of the “Animalier” collection, and is the perfect union of technique and form, whereby one serves the other to make unbridled imagination a reality.


Designed by Gianmaria Buccellati

Inspired by a design from the 1930s

Handcrafted in 2000