Buccellati creations are the flawless result of symbiosis between form and function, art and technique. The style of the brand, in fact, is instantly recognizable: each element forms an inseparable part of the whole. Techniques, materials, shapes and ornaments all represent a harmonic symphony, one in which each component stands out and intermingles, giving birth to an object that transcends any age and any era.




This is the case with this band bracelet, featuring highly intricate rigato engraving on the yellow gold surface, while the white gold rhomboidal shapes and the prominent 18.70 carat Madeira citrine come together to create an unparalleled artistic virtuosity. The oversized decoration of the shapes is further embellished with 204 2.34 carat rose-cut diamonds.



Designed by Mario Buccellati

Handcrafted in 1959