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A century of timeless beauty


This is Buccellati’s first “historical” publication.
It comes in the form of an exquisite book published by Assouline, a global luxury publisher whose every release is a decorative, collectible objet d’art. The book, written by Alba Cappellieri, recounts the Maison’s key moments from its founding in Milan in the early 1900s, a time when creative and entrepreneurial energies were beginning to grow into the city’s social fabric.


“This book aims to be a testament to my family’s work, to the passion that we have always had for culture and for everything that represents beauty”, as Maria Cristina Buccellati notes. “It is the proof of our love and respect for the artisan values which we try to put across in each of our creations.”

The book was unveiled in November 2021, in the courtyard of the Via Montenapoleone store in Milan, with Maison brand ambassador Beatrice Borromeo in attendance.
The Ombelicali Collection, a historical selection of Mario Buccellati necklaces commissioned by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, was shown at the event.


Following on from this, the Maison organized other presentations at the New York, Paris, London, Dubai, Luxembourg, Rome, Monte Carlo, and Chicago boutiques.
Many more events will be held in various countries accross the world to showcase the beauty of Buccellati.

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