Our Values

“We are a family who dedicates itself to beauty with passion” 

Andrea Buccellati

The history of our Maison, as with the most important luxury maisons, starts off with an apprenticeship. The young Mario Buccellati began working for the jewelers Beltrami and Besnati, where he found both his vocation and his passion. Over time, Mario added entrepreneurial talent to his creative talents, laying the foundations for today’s multinational company that has made Italian style and know-how its hallmarks.
Passion, a desire to learn and pass on knowledge, the quest for style, an attention to beauty, initiative, and sensitivity to detail: the same values still guide us in the present just as they did in the past.
Like our creations, Buccellati People are unique, yet they all share these key values. If that resonates, then we want to get to know you.