“Great ideas, great creative achievements, are rarely the result of a single intuition or a single individual.” – Gianmaria Buccellati

We all have a professional evolution path in mind. We believe that Buccellati allows for development and growth, in an environment that promotes collaboration and dialogue, enabling the Maison to reach the objectives that it has set for itself.
Just as each Buccellati creation is unique, so are Persone Buccellati. As we are a company that controls the entire supply chain – from design to production, from the distribution network to corporate activities – we give you the opportunity to find your own path, by valuing specific competences, talent and diversity.
All the Persone Buccellati have in common the quest for excellence. Our creations are the result of meticulous, articulate and complex work: the substance lies in the details, which are an expression of skill, commitment and patience. These are the qualities we ask to the people who work with us.
Whether you are a strategic marketing expert, a passionate boutique manager or a talented engraver, Buccellati offers many opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

Our headquarters are based in Milan, where you can find all of our corporate functions. Further, we have commercial branches in France, Great Britain, the United States, China, Japan, Korea, Macao, Taiwan, and Dubai.

Creative milestones are born from the dialogue and work of many talents and diverse personalities. Gianmaria Buccellati

If you are passionate about sales, Buccellati has over 50 boutiques all over the world. The Persone Buccellati welcome our customers courteously, professionally and with a particular savoir-faire that creates a thoroughly unique experience for the lovers of Buccellati creations.

Our workshops for jewellery and silver are in Italy, while the one dedicated to watches is in Switzerland. The Maestri and Maestre Buccellati are the custodians of an age-old know-how, that they passionately and precisely transmit into our creations.