“Tradition is keeping the fire alive, not worshiping its ashes.” – Gustav Mahler

Our Maison’s creativity is expressed through ancient techniques dating back to the workshops of the Renaissance. This, combined with contemporary design, allows us to create jewelry and silverware timeless and recognizable, while possessing a highly distinctive style.
We feel that it is our duty not only to preserve such outstanding, typically Italian knowledge: we also want to spread it and to pass it on. This will allow such knowledge to continue into perpetuity, and with that will come the ability to create jewelry and silverware of eternal beauty. In a perfect balance between past, present and future, Buccellati has set up two “digital” academies: the Renaissance Academy and the Accademia Buccellati.




In a Maison as multi-faceted and international as ours, sharing and transmitting information across the organization is a key requirement in terms of efficiency. The Renaissance Academy responds to this need, offering the Persone Buccellati a digital platform that encompasses the company’s know-how.

The Renaissance Academy has a variety of purposes. First and foremost, it acts a training and updating tool which is accessible to all. Secondly, it is an encyclopedia of knowledge, procedures and media which supports the Maison’s activity, be it craftsmanship, distribution network-related topics, or support activities for corporate functions.
The Renaissance Academy’s name refers to the ancient knowledge that forms the basis of our inspiration and craftsmanship. Yet it also has a digital, contemporary soul that has no boundaries and is geared towards the future.





Every day we employ artisanal techniques and tools that speak of tradition and allow us to create, today, objects of refined beauty. One of our key priorities is to preserve this know-how and the tools themselves, which have often completely disappeared. By doing so, we can perpetuate our Maison and realize our aesthetic vision.

With this in mind, we have created the Accademia Buccellati in Milan. It’s a corporate academy, developed by our Maestri and Maestre Buccellati in collaboration with the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana, that scouts young talents with a passion for outstanding craftsmanship, who are able to employ at once their hands and minds to produce unique and exquisite artisanal gestures.
The Accademia Buccellati was set up in order to preserve the engraving techniques so characteristic of our Maison. In our Accademia young people who wish to learn this sophisticated craft are taught the basics of the Rigato, Ornato and Modellato techniques and, should they demonstrate talent, passion and dedication they will be offered a path of professional growth in our workshops.