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Necklace in white and yellow gold set with jade.

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Necklace Ombelicale composed of jade elements housed in yellow gold cups decorated with a row of pavé diamonds, alternating with white gold moraine.
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Stone: N. 864 ROUND BRILLIANT-CUT DIAMONDS CT. 10.78 N. 1 CARVED JADE CT. 68.94 N. 34 JADE CT. 711.64

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The new Ombelicali necklaces take the style and flavor of the historical ones, designed in the '20s and '30s by Mario Buccellati for Gabriele d'Annunzio, who used to pay homage to his lovers with these rich and whimsical jewels.
They are long necklaces with refined chromatic combinations. The final part of the necklace is a pendant, which falls right on the navel, and hence their name.
He asked in a letter from 1931: "I need a necklace ... It must encircle the neck and fall in the middle of the chest ..."
Illumination and sensuality.

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