Every Buccellati creation requires care and attention. That is why we have put together some useful tips so that you can care for your creation by yourself, whenever this is possible.

Product Care JewelryProduct Care Jewelry


Buccellati jewellery is designed for every-day wear. However, some creations require special attention. Therefore, we recommend the following advice:

  • Avoid putting jewellery in contact with perfumes, soaps, chemicals or cosmetics. We recommend putting your jewellery on last, after creams, make-up or perfumes.
  • Take into consideration the activities you regularly perform (e.g. sport) when wearing Buccellati jewellery, including the potential for impact.
  • Preserve our gemstones from intense thermal shock to ensure that they remain magnificent.
  • To prevent the jewellery creations from being scratched in contact with each other, we recommend storing them individually in the Buccellati box delivered at the time of purchase.
  • Chains must be closed and laid flat to prevent the formation of knots.
  • It is strongly recommended not to put other jewellery items together without protection.
  • Should you wish to wash your jewellery by yourself, we recommend you to brush it gently with a very soft brush in lukewarm soapy water and dry it with a soft cloth.
  • However, if the creation contains a significant group of stones or a particular workmanship that you prefer not to intervene on, the task of cleaning can be entrusted to one of our specialists in a Buccellati boutique.
  • We recommend having your jewellery examined at a Buccellati boutique at least once a year, as our Boutique experts can carefully evaluate the stone-settings and any closures.
Product Care SilverProduct Care Silver


  • All our creations are made of 925/000 sterling silver. Some of them may be intentionally oxidized to generate depth and to highlight shine, strength, and durability.
  • Wearing silver objects often is the best way to care for them, but from time to time, you may want to clean your items by giving them a “gentle” dust. Follow our useful tips to know how to do.
  • In any event, please ask the staff at our boutiques for more specific advice or if you would like to request a cleaning service.

Buccellati Silverware is subject to originality, creativity, and extreme beauty.

  • Sterling silver tarnishes when exposed to humidity, perspiration, cosmetics, household bleach and other strong chemicals.
  • Frequently used silver requires the least amount of special care and attention and best develops the desired patina. It is preferable to wash silver by hand in warm, soapy water and dry it immediately and thoroughly.
  • Oxidized silver is deliberately tarnished, creating a black lustre that gives it an antique or discolored appearance. Due to its oxidized nature, care instructions for oxidized silver differ from traditional non-oxidized silver materials.
  • It is therefore advisable to clean oxidized silver, only if necessary, with a clean, dry cloth to avoid scratching it.
  • It is best to remove small marks, such as light fingerprints, with a microfibre cloth sprayed with water spray, avoiding abrasive cloths.

You can also ask our staff at Buccellati boutiques for more specific advice or if you would like to request e cleaning service.

  • When storing silver, keep it absolutely dry. We advise preventing it from excessive exposure to air and to store it away in a tarnish-resistant cloth, such as the Buccellati silverware pochette given at purchase or a similar material, such as flannel.
Product Care WatchesProduct Care Watches


The quality of our watches is based on their exceptional reliability and robustness. From the very beginning, our watchmakers and experts have fostered a culture of innovation and unique expertise in watch design and production.

  • Buccellati timepieces are real pieces of jewellery in their own right. So while the same advice for jewellery creations applies, you will need to take extra measures to ensure that your Buccellati watch works properly for years to come.
  • Due to the Buccellati watchmaking expertise, our watches require very little day-to-day care. You can preserve their lustre by following the below advices:
  • Remove the watch before intense physical activity (e.g. sports such as swimming, tennis and golf) and sleeping, and avoid the exposure to extreme temperatures (e.g. saunas and frigid cold weather).
  • Additionally, we recommend keeping the watch away from prolonged exposure to magnetism and to avoid wearing a bracelet on the same wrist of the watch.

You should follow the same tips for jewellery when it comes to cleaning your Buccellati timepiece.

  • Before cleaning your watch, always ensure that the winding crown is screwed down properly against the case, to guarantee waterproofness.
  • The watch bracelet can be gently washed in soapy lukewarm water with a soft brush.
  • We recommend a maintenance service in our boutiques every 2-3 years for a basic check and every 4-5 years for a full overhaul. Our boutiques will collect your watch and send it to our specialist workshops where it will receive an impeccable service.

When not being worn, it is a good idea to keep your watch in its case or wrapped up in delicate cloths.

  • To prevent the jewelled straps from being scratched in contact with other jewels, we recommend storing them individually in the Buccellati case delivered with the purchase.
  • It is recommended never to leave a used battery inside the watch, as its deterioration may lead to deterioration of the entire movement. The average battery lifespan is between two and three years.
  • To change the battery, take your watch to a Buccellati Boutique, where our experts will evaluate your watch and send it to our specialised workshops for excellent service.
Product Care PorcelainProduct Care Porcelain


All our objects are created by Ginori 1735 according to artisanal and production methods that have been developed over almost three hundred years of history.

Each piece is unique and every nuance of color is an expression of exceptional artisanal skills.

The porcelain items of the “Double Rouche – Florence Furnace” collection

  • Can be machine-washed by using a low temperature cycle or eco cycle
  • Are resistant to microwave heating in accordance with standard EN 15284:2007
  • Must NOT be used in either the oven or directly in contact with the flame

By following our suggestions, you will enjoy your porcelain every day and for a long time.

For further information, feel free to contact-us.