Special Projects

A day with Beatrice in Rome

By Josh Olins

Rome 2020

Piazza di Spagna, Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza di Pietra: a day filled with breathtaking sights and iconic places, in the magic and eternal Rome. The protagonist of this campaign is Beatrice Borromeo, in a series of black&white pictures shot by the young British photographer and director Josh Olins.


Great Italian heritage finds fresh energy thanks to Beatrice, who,combining great style and intellectual strength, makes the perfect example of inspirational female role model.

At "Homo Faber", Buccellati shared its artistic concept made of details and of huge admiration and respect for the aesthetic values brought to life by the talented and passionate hands of the artisans.


Creations recalling the splendours of Venetian Art, from Renaissance to Baroque times.

A minimalist space to concentrate on the skilful gestures of those who made "handmaking" their own job and art.

All the gestures and the precious techniques revealed by the silversmith master could then be found on the finished objects displayed in our personal booth.

A selection of silver "Doge" creations, which are the summa of Buccellati mastery in this art, reminds us of the huge admiration and respect that Buccellati has always declared for the city of Venice, for centuries the main junction between East and West, in a continuous contamination of artistic tastes and cultures.

The collection is composed of i mpressive creations in hand-hammered and chiselled silver, furtherly enhanced with combined elements of malachite and lapis, which enlighten silver and make all objects precious and incomparable.