Increasingly admired by the Milanese aristocracy, Mario Buccellati used his jewellery to stage his entrance into La Scala. Society ladies planning to make an appearance at the opening of the theatre season would visit the boutique six months in advance, in order to acquire, and eventually wear, one of the brand’s exclusive creations.



The tiara was an object very much in vogue at the time. Undoubtedly a legacy of the elegance of centuries gone-by, the bourgeoisie inherited this important ornament, as exclusive and valuable as the royal crown itself, and adapted it to the changing times.
This tiara comes in gold-lined silver and is engraved in vines with 565 12.00 carat rose-cut diamonds and seven 31.00 carat baroque pearls.
Mario Buccellati greatly adored this kind of ornament, producing several inventive examples of it.



Designed by Mario Buccellati

Handcrafted in 1920s