The “Rosa dei Venti” broach represents a balance between oneself and the exterior, whilst symbolizing the freedom to pursue one’s dreams and desires. The eightfold geometry is one of the simplest wind rose designs.




The central stone is a 5.50 carat sinhalite which gets its name from the Sanskrit name for Sri Lanka, Sinhala, where this gemstone was discovered in 1952.
Three rounds with eight points begin from there; the first with 44 0.35 carat diamonds, the second round with 96 1.19 carat rubies and the third external round has 72 1.28 carat sapphires. The eight external points are bordered in yellow gold and modelled in ruches. An 0.14 carat diamond connects the pendant to the “Chiodino” chain in white gold.



Designed by Andrea Buccellati

Handcrafted in 1999

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