Opera Tulle Gold


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Pendant in yellow and white gold set with diamonds. Dimensions: 35 mm x 31 mm. Chain length 60 cm.

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The new declinations of the Opera line confirm traits of great personality and unmistakable style, typical characteristics of the Buccellati Maison, which has made its name synonymous with timeless style and beauty in the world. Buccellati wanted to create the Opera Maxi line, a symbol of a magnification of the logo element combined this time with the typical tulle workmanship, which makes a strong statement while still maintaining elegance and discretion, as in the purest style of the Maison.
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Yellow gold 750/1000, white gold 750/1000

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Buccellati's iconic Opera collection has taken the Maison's logo and turned it into the main theme in every model. The focus of captivating, ever-changing creativity, combining the tradition of ancient goldsmithing techniques with the originality and beauty of its design. In particular, tulle decoration is one of the distinctive features found in many Buccellati creations. In the Opera collection, this delicate style incorporates colored stones or enamels to lend an iconic touch to objects, which, free of any encasing, now become celebrations of their own shape-based beauty. In all its guises, the Opera collection possesses tremendous personality and unmistakable style, reflecting the prestige, elegance and femininity common to every Buccellati piece.


The most traditional goldsmithing techniques are used to craft the logo element, with tulle depending upon the patience and passion of the artisan’s hands, which create the delicate radial pattern and shape it until it becomes a perfect light-refracting instrument. Semi-precious stones, such as onyx and mother-of-pearl, are not encased. Instead, they are enclosed between a thin gold plate and the tulle work, which is surrounded by fan-shaped patterns on the logo’s borders. While it is all rather straightforward, at the same time it recalls the Renaissance that was so dear to Buccellati, and which serves as an ongoing source of inspiration for timeless objects.