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Earrings in yellow gold set with jade. Length: 7 cm

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The Hawaii collection was conceived by a spark of inspiration of Mario Buccellati, the founder of the Brand, in the ‘30s, and it had an immediate success thanks to its enthralling modernity. Unaltered in time, from then on its design still is a best-seller at Buccellati: tiny gold circles formed of threads, hand-twisted one by one and then intertwined, in a perfect work of engineering, to become bracelets, long and short necklaces, and pendant earrings of rare beauty. White, yellow and rose gold or the three colors together. To a brand that made of timeless beauty its motto, the Hawaii collection is a symbol of everlasting youth and elegance.
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Material :

Yellow gold 750/1000

Indicative Detail -

Stone: N. 14 C-JADE (TREATED JADEITE) CT. 21.35

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Mario Buccellati, inspired by the Hawaiian welcome wreaths, conceived this design in the 1930s, a design that was considered particularly avant-garde at the time. White, yellow and pink gold circles interweave with ostensible and refined casualness to create a harmonious and unique movement. The Hawaii collection, later expanded by Andrea Buccellati in the 1990s to include pendant earrings and bracelets, links via a thin gold thread the Maison Buccellati’s origins to its current identity, crystallizing within a timeless design the essence of goldsmithing traditions and modern innovation.


A shower of tiny gold circlets, created through the twisted-wire technique, generating an interplay of light and movement. Using a special tool, gold is extruded into incredibly thin strands, which are then masterfully twisted on themselves and painstakingly hand-welded one by one to form tiny circlets.

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