A Day with Elisa in Venice 

seen by Peter Lindbergh

Venice 2016

The sun sinks down over Ponte Vecchio flooding and embalming the city with a miraculous light. Glowing and free-spirited Carolyn Murphy embraces and embodies the openness of the city’s legendary charm. Turning heads of tourists and locals alike, her aura seems to pause the bustle of crowds waiting for their encounter with masterpieces at Uffizi.

Her seduction is clean and sincere as the smell of a white lily. She remembers her childhood dream, and, drunk with beauty she keeps flashes of her gaze to bring home. Yin and Yang, white lilies and red lilies: here lies the cradle of timeless beauty.

This time, the suggestive scene of the shooting is Venice, a city Buccellati is particularly attached to by intellectual and historical affinities, by a true sharing of elegance and timeless beauty.