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— Noonoouri x Buccellati —

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June 2018


On the occasion of the Paris Haute Couture Week, Buccellati presented its unique creations with the iconic tulle workmanship. To celebrate this new launch, Buccellati had its jewels worn by Noonoouri, the virtual influencer that has reached over seventy thousand followers on Instagram, thus competing with the most famous real-life fashionistas.

This new collaboration between Noonoouri and Buccellati, is a celebration of refinement and beauty, with a special eye on the honeycomb texture: a workmanship which is the signature of every Buccellati jewel and which made the Maison famous in the whole world.

The digital project, features a wonderful video in which Noonoouri, with big sweet eyes and distinctive style, portrays an added confidence provided by the fabulous Buccellati jewels.