— Timeless Eccentricity —

It’s impossible for me to talk about Buccellati’s creations without acknowledging that a lot is connected to the context where our creativity throve: our beloved Italy.  Our techniques are in fact borrowed from five centuries of Italian art. Many renowned artists of this country were goldsmiths before they became sculptors, painters or architects. 

Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Donatello or Benvenuto Cellini left us with works of high goldsmithry to admire and emulate. To this heritage, obviously shared with many other excellent Italian goldsmiths, us Buccellati simply added our inspiration and our perseverance.

From father to son, in fact, we passed on technical abilities and we cultivated a habit for surprising. If I look at one of our jewels, I’m proud to know that it has been designed by 'a Buccellati', and that it has been realized by hand by one of our goldsmiths. Looking at it twice, I also notice that with time we became more refined.

If my father Mario was a meticulous type, I (as they say) am a perfectionist and my sons (I heard) are even manic.  Creating perfect objects, with processes that aren’t used by anybody anymore, choosing very rare and extraordinary stones, it’s not only a habit of my father; it’s a family eccentricity.


— (Gianmaria Buccellati)